Include formula columns in your documents using General Caster

Although Formula and Rating columns are not supported by DocuGen, you can use the fantastic app General Caster as a workaround to include any sort of calculated columns in your documents. General Caster is a product of Omnidea S.r.l.

Step 1: Install General Caster

This is a one-time task for all your users. You need to be a administrator to be able to install General Caster.

  1. Go to General Caster in the App Marketplace
  2. Install General Caster by clicking “Install App”

Step 2: Set up your formula in General Caster

  1. Go to your board
  2. Add a new number column. This is the column that will contain the result of the formula
  3. Click on the Integrations button at the top of the board and search for General Caster
  4. You will find several integrations; click on the one that says “When any column changes, perform formula and cast result to column
  5. may request your permission to authorize General Caster; make sure to accept in order to be able to proceed
  6. The integration screen will load
  7. Click on the word “formula” and enter the formula as you would with a formula column.
  8. Click on the word “column” and select the new number column you added above
  9. Click “Add to Board” at the bottom right of the integration screen

That’s it! If you edit any column on your board, the number column will be updated with the new value based on your formula. Note that updates may take a few seconds.

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