Does DocuGen work on’s mobile app?

We haven’t tested DocuGen fully on the mobile app of However, we can confirm that integrations that you set up on your board will also work if they are triggered from the mobile app. For example, if you set up a status integration that generates a document when a status column changes to aContinue reading “Does DocuGen work on’s mobile app?”

Can DocuGen generate documents in bulk?

You may be looking to generate a number of documents in bulk using data from your board. For example, you may have a board containing 20 rows representing 20 customers, and would like to create “Thank You” letters for all 20 customers by clicking the “Generate document” button once rather than 20 times. CurrentlyContinue reading “Can DocuGen generate documents in bulk?”

Does DocuGen support subitems?

Yes! DocuGen currently supports subitems, but it’s limited to the first column. For example, let’s say you have this board with one item (“This is a main item”) and three subitems (“This is the first subitem”, “Second subitem”, and “Subitem #3”): When you click “Generate document” in DocuGen, the subitems appear as a single sequenceContinue reading “Does DocuGen support subitems?”

Step 2: Insert a general information placeholder

If you want to insert general information from your board or your account in general, use any of the following placeholders: Placeholders about the user Placeholder Explanation <<user_name>> DocuGen’s current running user’s full name: “John Doe” <<user_id>> DocuGen’s current running user’s id: “9238839299” <<user_email>> DocuGen’s current running user’s email: “” <<user_phone>> DocuGen’s current runningContinue reading “Step 2: Insert a general information placeholder”

Step 2: Insert the column sum placeholder

To insert the sum of a number column, use the <<column_sum:COLUMN LABEL>> placeholder anywhere in your Google Doc template, where “COLUMN LABEL” should be replaced with the name of your column. Examples: If your column name is “Amount”, you should insert the placeholder as follows:<<column_sum:Amount>> If your column name is “Extended Price”, you should insertContinue reading “Step 2: Insert the column sum placeholder”