Connect DocuGen to your Google account

In order to start using DocuGen, you will need to grant it access to your Google Drive. This is a one-time task the very first time you add a DocuGen view to any board.

DocuGen requires access for the following reasons:

  1. Generate documents directly within your own Google Drive
  2. Use templates stored in your Google Drive

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to your DocuGen view
  2. If you see the “Sign in with Google” button, click on it
  3. If you have multiple Google accounts, Google will prompt you to select the one you would like to use with DocuGen
  4. Google will display the level of access that will be granted to DocuGen
  5. Click “Allow” and you’re done! You will now see the “Generate document” button on your DocuGen view
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