Automatically generate a document based on a status change

DocuGen allows you to automatically generate a document based on a status change. For example, you might want to automatically generate a report or invoice for your client when the status is “Approved” or “Done”.

Before adding a DocuGen integration, make sure you have a DocuGen view added to the board. If you try to add a DocuGen integration on a board that does not have any DocuGen views, you will get an error.

Go to the board’s integrations and select “When status changes to something, generate document using settings from view“.

  • The status parameter allows you to select the status column that will trigger the automatic document generation
  • The something parameter allows you to select a specific status for document generation
  • The view parameter allows you to specify which DocuGen Settings to use when generating the document. You should enter the exact name of the DocuGen view.

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