Generate sales quotes using DocuGen

DocuGen can help you quickly generate quotes, proposals, or just about any kind of document using your own template. In this tutorial we will set up DocuGen to generate sales quotes using your own template. Before you start: Make sure DocuGen is installed on your account. 1. Set up the board Create a boardContinue reading “Generate sales quotes using DocuGen”

Is there a limit on the number of templates?

You can create and use as many templates as you wish in DocuGen; there is no limit, even on the free plan! However, you can only have one template for each DocuGen view. If you need to generate multiple types of documents from the same board, then create a separate DocuGen view for eachContinue reading “Is there a limit on the number of templates?”

Include formula columns in your documents using General Caster

Although Formula and Rating columns are not supported by DocuGen, you can use the fantastic app General Caster as a workaround to include any sort of calculated columns in your documents. General Caster is a product of Omnidea S.r.l. Step 1: Install General Caster This is a one-time task for all your users. YouContinue reading “Include formula columns in your documents using General Caster”

Do unused documents in my plan roll over to the following month?

No, unused documents do not roll over. When you subscribe to a DocuGen plan, you are entitled to generate a number of documents each month. Unused documents do not roll over to the next month. For example, if your subscription plan entitles you to 500 documents per month and you generate 300 documents during theContinue reading “Do unused documents in my plan roll over to the following month?”

Filter your data by specific rows

Sometimes you may want to generate documents that contain specific rows from your board. There are two ways you can achieve this: Use filters This is quick and easy, and best used when you have a small number of rows in your board. Using the built-in filter button, you can select individual rows fromContinue reading “Filter your data by specific rows”