Template Placeholders

Check out our new two-step wizard to help you find the right placeholders for your templates: Placeholders can be located anywhere in your Google document and are not case-sensitive. For example, if the template includes placeholders for <<Board_Name>> or <<board_name>> or <<BOARD_NAME>>, they will all give the same result. With the exception of <<table_start>>, allContinue reading “Template Placeholders”

What document types does DocuGen support?

Output Documents DocuGen can generate documents in the following formats: Google Docs Microsoft Word (.docx) Rich Text Format (.rtf) PDF (.pdf) You can select the document formats you desire from the DocuGen Settings tab. DocuGen saves all generated documents in your Google Drive root folder. Input Documents For templates (input), DocuGen accepts Google Docs only.Continue reading “What document types does DocuGen support?”

What column types are supported?

Currently the following document types are not supported by DocuGen: (fear not, we are working hard with monday.com’s developers to make those column types available in DocuGen.) Auto-Number and Progress Tracking columns are not supported and will be blank if included in your generated documents Formula and Rating columns are not directly supported but youContinue reading “What column types are supported?”

What happens if I reach my monthly limit before the end of the month?

DocuGen will notify you if you are getting close to consuming your monthly limit. If you do hit your monthly limit in any given month, DocuGen will stop generating documents until your limit is reset the following month or until you upgrade your subscription to a higher plan. A ‘month’ starts on the date ofContinue reading “What happens if I reach my monthly limit before the end of the month?”

What counts as a ‘document’?

DocuGen subscription plans depend on the number of generated documents. A document is counted whenever DocuGen successfully creates a new file. If a document is generated in multiple formats, such as Google Doc and PDF, each file counts as one document. The number of documents is not related to the number of users sharing theContinue reading “What counts as a ‘document’?”