Create candidate offer letters using DocuGen

DocuGen can help you quickly generate form letters such as offer letters to successful candidates using your own template.

In this tutorial we will set up DocuGen to generate offer letters using your own template.

Before you start: Make sure DocuGen is installed on your account.

Note: You can skip steps 1 and 2 if you use the pre-built DocuGen board templates. Once you add the DocuGen templates, go to the board “Recruiting Board” and jump directly to step 3 below.

1. Set up the board

We will set up a new board for offer letters as follows:

  • The board as a whole represents a list of candidates
  • Each row will represent one candidate
  • The columns are as follows:
    • The first column is the name of the candidate
    • Manager is a people column
    • Offer Date and Starting Date are date columns
    • Position is a text column
    • Hourly Rate is a number column
    • Phone is a phone column
    • Address is a location column

Here is how the board looks like:

2. Add DocuGen view

You need to add a DocuGen view to the board. Follow these simple instructions.

3. Connect your Google account

If this is your first time using DocuGen on this account, you will need to connect your Google account. Otherwise, you can skip this step.

Connecting your Google account is necessary for generating documents using Google Docs APIs within your own Google Account. Follow these simple instructions.

4. Generate a test document

Click on the “Generate document” button:

Within seconds you should see a new document under “Recent Documents”. Open the document by double-clicking on the result. It should look like this:

As you can see, the document lacks branding and styling, and it doesn’t filter the board rows. Worry not: this is our next step!

5. Make your document look pretty

Instead of blank documents, we need to tell DocuGen to use a document template. The easiest way to start is by using the offer letter template in our Template Gallery. When you open the offer letter template in Google Docs, make sure to create a new copy and give it a helpful name, say “My Offer Template”.

Go to the DocuGen Settings on your board and select “My Offer Template” as the template:

Click again on “Generate document” and check the result — much better!

6. Select a specific candidate for the offer letter

The example above generated the document using data from the very first row in the board. What if we want to generate the offer letter for another candidate, say Natasha Doe (third row)? To do this, we just use the built-in Filter button and narrow down the selection based on the Name column:

Click again on “Generate document” and check the result.

More Resources

  1. Templates use placeholders to indicate where to place the information from your board. You can find out more about placeholders here.
  2. The placeholders that allow you to insert values from specific columns is <<column_firstrow:COLUMN LABEL>>. More about this here.
  3. filters are a very powerful tool when used along with DocuGen. Learn more about this here and here.

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