“Documents” tab

The Documents tab is where all generated documents appear.

  1. Name of the document when it was generated. (If you rename the document in Google Drive, this change will not reflect in the Documents tab.)
  2. Date and time the document was generated displayed in the user’s time zone
  3. Help Center link to this page

The list of documents will contain all documents generated by this particular board view, regardless of which user generated the document. This includes documents generated manually (by clicking “Generate document” or through the button column), as well as documents generated automatically using integrations.

The list will not contain documents generated by other boards, or documents generated by other views under the same board.

Exceptionally, documents generated prior to the 27 October 2020 DocuGen release may appear on the Document tabs of unrelated boards or views. This is because prior to this release DocuGen was not tracking the specific view that generated the document.

Note about renaming and deleting documents

Documents generated by DocuGen are not stored in monday.com or DocuGen. They are stored in your own Google Drive. The list of documents in the Documents tab is merely links to the actual documents in your Google Drive.

If you delete the documents from your Google Drive, the Documents tab will continue to show the deleted documents, but you will not be able to access them anymore (unless you restore them from your Google Drive trash.) You cannot delete documents from the DocuGen Documents tab.

If you rename the documents in your Google Drive, the Documents tab will continue to show the documents and their original names and you will continue to be able to access them.

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