Name your documents dynamically

You can have DocuGen set the names of your generated documents dynamically using placeholders.

Go to your DocuGen view and click on the Settings tab:

Static Names

You can give all your documents the same name if you enter any string in the “Default Document Name” text box. For example, this setting:

will name all your documents “My newly-created document”.

Dynamic Names

You can use placeholders to give your documents varying names. For example, this setting:

will give this result:

Other examples:

  • <<user_name>>‘s document from <<board_name>>
    will give this result:
    Sami Caracand’s document from Invoices
    (assuming the board name is “Invoices”)
  • Invoice for <<first_firstrow:Item>> dated <<column_firstrow:Invoice Date>>
    will give this result:
    Invoice for Dell Technologies dated 2020-11-20
    (assuming the name of the first row is “Dell Technologies” and there is a column “Invoice Date” on the board.)

Supported placeholders

Almost all placeholders are supported. The following placeholders are not supported for dynamic document names:

  • <<table_start>>
  • <<view_name>>
  • <<user_profilepic>>
  • <<column_sum:COLUMN LABEL>>

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