Settings tab

The DocuGen Settings tab allows you to set many parameters as you wish. You can access DocuGen Settings by clicking on the Settings tab of your DocuGen view:

1. Context-sensitive help: link to this page

2. Default Document Name: Set the default document name. You can now define dynamic names for your documents!

3. Select template: Clicking on this button will allow you to select any Google Doc from your Google Drive to be used as a template for generating documents. More on creating templates and using templates.

4. Generate PDF Document, Microsoft Word, Rich Text Document: By default, DocuGen generates documents in Google Doc format. If you check these options, DocuGen will also create additional documents of the selected types. DocuGen saves all generated documents in your root My Drive folder.

5. Share with board subscribers: If you enable this, DocuGen will share any generated documents with all the board subscribers and will notify them by email.

6. Include column headers: If you select this option, your generated document will include the board column names as the first row in the table.

7. Header: These are the styling settings for the board column names when added to your document. If you uncheck ‘Show header’ (above), styling settings have no effect.

8. Select all columns: Checking this box will automatically check the boxes for all the columns on the board. Your document will include all the columns from your board. If you prefer to exclude some columns, you can uncheck the corresponding boxes.

Columns: You have the ability to define which columns from your board will appear in the generated document, and you can also define the styling for each one.

Column styling options apply only when generating a document without using a template, or when using the <<table_start>> placeholder in a template. If you wish to style text that is inserted using any other placeholder (such as <<column_firstrow:XXX>>, <<board_name>>, <<user_name>>, etc.), you can simply apply the desired styling directly on the placeholder within the template being used by DocuGen.

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