Step 2: Insert a general information placeholder

If you want to insert general information from your board or your account in general, use any of the following placeholders:

Placeholders about the user

<<user_name>>DocuGen’s current running user’s full name: “John Doe”
<<user_id>>DocuGen’s current running user’s id: “9238839299”
<<user_email>>DocuGen’s current running user’s email: “”
<<user_phone>>DocuGen’s current running user’s phone: “+1 512 988 9999”
<<user_profilepic>>DocuGen’s current running user’s profile pic in the original size

Placeholders about the account

<<account_name>>Account name: “Marketing Wizards”
<<account_id>>Account ID: “9238839299”
<<account_url>>Account URL before the “”: “wizards-team”

Placeholders about the board

<<board_name>>Name of board: “Project Takeoff”
<<board_id>>ID of board: 9238839299
<<board_state>>State of board: active / archived / deleted
<<board_description>>Board description
<<board_folderid>>ID of folder where the board is located: 9238839299
<<board_owner>>Name of board owner: “Bill Smith”
<<board_owneremail>>Email of board owner: “”
<<board_ownerphone>>Phone # of board owner: “+1 512 766 3444”
<<board_ownerprofilepic>>Profile picture of board owner in the original size

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