What’s new in DocuGen?

27 November 2020

  1. Faster loading and more reliable document generation
  2. Better team collaboration using shared DocuGen Settings: Settings on any DocuGen view are now view-specific and not user-specific. All users with access to the board will be able to view and change the DocuGen Settings on the DocuGen views associated with the board. This will make it easier to collaborate since one user can set up DocuGen for use by other users. (Each DocuGen view will continue to have its own independent settings, even if there are multiple DocuGen views on the same board.)
  3. Easier interface with more tooltips and context-specific help

13 November 2020

  1. Added contextual help links on each tab
  2. Added multiple board templates to get you up and running quickly
  3. Documents tab:
    1. Added creation date and time for generated documents
    2. New documents are easy to identify: they are bold until they are opened
    3. Added a loading indicator on the Documents tab when a document is being generated
  4. Settings tab:
    1. You can now give dynamic names to your documents using placeholders
    2. Your selected template will be hyperlinked for easy access
    3. Unsupported columns will be grayed out and will not cause crashes anymore
  5. General performance improvements and bug fixes

27 October 2020

  1. Revamped the entire DocuGen user interface to make it more user friendly and intuitive.
  2. In-app help: you can now initiate a chat with our support agents Kristina and Georgina without leaving DocuGen or monday.com! (Our agents are available 9am to 5pm EST).
  3. Button column integration: you can now add a button column to your board and generate documents from any row without leaving your monday.com board.
  4. DocuGen settings and document history are now specific to each view. For example, you can have multiple DocuGen views under the same board, with each view having its own template, styling, etc. Great for generating multiple types of documents from the same monday.com board! (Note that any documents you generated prior to this release will still appear in the document history on all views.)
  5. Updated the column styling options, including the ability to include a total at the bottom of any number column.
  6. More document output formats: Microsoft Word (.docx) and Rich Text Format (.rtf).
  7. Improved integrations, using date, status, and button triggers.
  8. General bug fixes and performance improvements.

11 October 2020

  1. Added support for form letters and non-tabular documents! We now support mail-merge documents through the following new placeholders:
    • <<group_name>> — inserts the group name of the first row being sent to DocuGen
    • <<column_firstrow:COLUMN LABEL>> — inserts the first value in the column “COLUMN LABEL
    • <<column_sum:COLUMN LABEL>> — inserts the sum of the values in the column “COLUMN LABEL
  2. General bug fixes and performance improvements.

14 September 2020

  1. Added 4 automations:
    • “When date arrives, generate document at, and share with subscribers.”
    • “When status changes to something, generate document and share with subscribers.”
    • “When status changes to something, generate document using sub-items and share with subscribers.”
    • “When date arrives, generate document at using sub-items, and share with subscribers.”
  2. Added option to generate PDF document.
  3. Added sum to the bottom of number columns when generated in a document.
  4. Added list of recent documents generated.
  5. Improved Admin page layout.
  6. General bug fixes and performance improvements.

12 August 2020

  1. Added ability to filter items for document generation using monday.com filters.
  2. Added user-friendly error handling.
  3. Added ability to style table heading and columns.
  4. Added Settings auto-save.
  5. Moved the Settings to a separate form.